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For bathrooms that function as good as they look

Bathroom renovations can be simple on the surface but complicated the further you look, especially if new appliances need to be installed.

SM Gas Ltd's qualified and experienced plumbers can handle the finer details, piping and installations of your renovation project, seamlessly adding more value and functionality to your property while letting you focus on the decorating.


From taps to tubs, SM Gas Ltd are here to help with all your bathroom installations in Derby.

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 Modern upscale bathroom

Our services for bathroom installations in Derby are tailored to your project, but can include:

  • Installing new appliances such as bathtubs, sinks and vanity installations, both as 1-to-1 replacements of existing fixtures or in new locations
  • Extending or modifying your pipework to accommodate your new layout, ensuring everything is connected correctly and functions flawlessly
  • If necessary, putting you in contact with tilers and other bathroom specialists we have worked with in the past should there be any renovation tasks you don't feel comfortable undertaking